High Quality Watch Safes for Avid
Watch collectors & Watch Retailers

Watch Safes with Luxury Interior & Impeccable Security Locks

HARTMANN TRESOORE’s Watch Safes with glamorous look and customized interior serve as the perfect security boxes for watch collectors, watch retailers and luxury watch brands. You can also have a watch safe with an elegant interior and a glass door that serves as a classy showcase. Our safe boxes for watches are known in the industry for their high quality and this is the reason why leading watch brands are our clients. From multiple drawers & shelves to a various option of luxury furnishing, we provide a perfect watch safe for all your needs.

Watch Safes


A watch safe with perfect customized placements for watches, ‘In Red’ has a stylized interior made up of crisp white leather and black velvet-lined drawers. With original Ferrari Red exterior finish, this watch safe is one of the best in our list!

Six watch winders
Four jewellery drawers
One glass shelf
Nickel-plated lock, handles, bolts and hinge casings
LED interior lighting (high-performance battery operated)


‘Havanna’ offers a spacious interior for watches and jewelry, a secured safe box with walnut wood interior lined with velvet and a classic high-gloss black finish on the outside.

Six watch winders
Six jewellery drawers
One glass shelf
Chrome fittings and handles
LED lighting (main power supply operated) and sensor technology


Like the name, this safe for watches stand tall with a classy look of white mother-of-pearl varnish on the outside and exquisite interior of finely-grained Madrone wood and “iguana silver” leather-look finish. The safe is also accompanied with chrome fittings. Pre-designed: this exclusive safe is pre-configured and available on short notice.

Three watch winders
Four drawers with silver-coloured Alcantara lining and jewellery compartments
High-gloss nickel-plated fittings and bolts
LED sensor lighting


A perfect combination of custom placements for watches and multiples drawers, this safe for watches offers space for multiple items. High-gloss brown exterior with complementing matte interior of walnut wood and cream colored velvet lining

16 watch winders
Four drawers, one with ring cushions
Gold-plated fittings


As the name signifies, the safe has a classic strong look with special matte black textured exterior and a perfect high quality walnut wood interior offering much space for watches and related stuff .

Six watch winders, individually removable
Five drawers, upholstered in brown velvet
Double electronic lock with revision


The chic look of this beautiful semi-gloss white safe makes it a choice of hundreds of avid watch collectors and retailers! The exquisite white glossy outlook includes interior made up of grey anthracite lacquered wood trim and Alcantara upholstery with silver stitching.

Nine watch winders
Three drawers with stainless steel handle recess
One open compartment shelf
Brushed aluminium fittings


The glamorous combination of jet-black lacquer with a touch of grey on the inside gives this watch safe the perfect look! Chrysler has a high-gloss chrome interior while its drawers are lined with black Alcantara. The safe is from a pre-designed collection, exclusively pre-configured and is even available on short notice.. 

Two watch winders
Four drawers with compartment organisers for jewellery
Chrome fittings
High-gloss, nickel-plated fittings and bolts
LED sensor lighting


As the name indicates, Gold Rush has a classy high-gloss pearl gold polish on the outside and varnished walnut wood interior with burgundy velvet lining

24 watch winders
Three drawers
One shelf
Gold-plated fittings


For avid watch collector or a retailer who wants to perfectly brand the outlet, this watch safe is a great option. Its glossy black look makes it a perfect piece for a classy interior, whereas the inside of it is made of high quality walnut wood and velvet lined drawers..

Eight watch winders
Four drawers
One walnut shelf
Burglar alarm connectivity
Gold-plated handles, fittings, lock, hinges and bolts


This watch safe is as exclusive as a passion! With a glossy bright white finish on the outside and an interior of varnished walnut wood and white velvet-lined drawers, this safe is classic!

16 watch winders
Five drawers with glass-fronts
High-gloss silver-plated fittings


This watch safe has an exclusive leather interior that adds all the more class to it! The interesting color theme of jet black high gloss finish and white interior makes it stand out.

Six watch winders
Two drawers
One glass shelf
Nickel-plated lock and metal fittings
LED lighting


The luxurious high-gloss true white varnished safe with a stylized interior of walnut wood and its brown velvet-lined drawers add to its overall chic look.

Four watch winders with space for 16 self-winding watches
Three drawers with ring dividers
Three drawers for medium-sized jewellery
One drawer for large jewellery
LED lighting