Custom designed Jewelry Safes perfect for
the most Precious Assets Risk-free Security, Multiple drawers & Digital Keypad

Hartmann Tresore’s Jewelry Safes – Elegantly Secure

HARTMANN offers European quality safes that are beautifully crafted to match your interior. From high-gloss exterior finish to matching velvet-lined drawers, HARTMANN TRESORE’s jewelry safes are simply pieces of elegance that meet the high European high standards. Hence, with our jewelry safe boxes, you just make the right investment. You can also get a custom safe designed as per your requirements; our expert will adjust everything from the number drawers, shelves and even the interior as per your needs

Jewelry Safes


With a majestic red exterior of high-gloss lacquered (mirror finish) and classy interior of maple wood drawers that are lined with velvet, the Red Look safe serves a chic option for your exquisite jewelry. This safe is exclusively pre-configured and available on short notice

Eight drawers
One glass shelf
Gold-plated fittings
LED lighting
Electronic lock with biometric locking system


Black velvet is a pure beauty with an exterior of black high-gloss finish and walnut wood! The black velvet lined drawers make up a perfect interior to store your delicate jewelry pieces safely and securely
Pre-designed: This safe is exclusively pre-configured and available on short notice

Five drawers
One glass shelf
LED lighting
Gold-plated fittings


Cream is a rare combination of creamy white exterior with high-gloss finish and the interior is lined with matching velvet and dark walnut wood! Pre-designed: This safe is exclusively pre-configured and available on short notice.

Four drawers
One glass shelf
Gold-plated fittings
LED lighting
High-security double-bit lock


Jewelry safe specifically built for the modern day women with individualistic features having an exquisite interior of powder pink velvet lining and the best quality oak wood. Misses Rose, high-gloss powder pink safe for jewelry finds a perfect place in your room or wardrobe!

11 drawers in various sizes
Drawers with ring compartments
Drawers with watch cushions
Brushed platinum hinge casings, lock and bolts
LED lighting


Just as its name, Spotlight stands out with its classy black high-gloss finish and beautiful wood interior. It’s spacious and can be customized right according to your requirements

Three glass-front drawers
Two glass shelves
Gold-plated fittings and bolts


The unique color says it all! It’s elegant, chic and carries the exclusive touch of style. In royal blue, this jewelry safe comes with natural maple wood interior and velvet upholstery

Four drawers
Two adjustable shelves
Aluminium diamond-shaped HARTMANN Exclusive fittings


Simple is beautiful and this is what Discreet safe for jewelry is all about! With an elegant light-grey finish, the safe has high quality wooden interior and classy black velvet-lined drawers to keep safe the pieces of your jewelry

12 drawers for small items
Ideal for jewellery, valuable coins, or stamp collections


If it’s about jewelry, there has to something related pearls and so is this safe! Bright comes with a cream white finish and beautifully pearl-varnished door. The interior is made up of maple wood and red felt-lined drawers

Four drawers
Two additional compartments
Chrome fitting with ornate handles
Lock with redundancy function*
Door release delay, lock time setting and audit function

  *Programmable to a master code and 99 user codes with the four-eye principle.


This one is a classic! With original Lamborghini Orange iridescent finish, the high gloss exterior gives it a stylish look. The interior is composed of light walnut wood and drawers are lined with orange velvet

Four drawers for small sized jewellery
Two drawers for large jewellery
One glass shelf
Brushed platinum bolts, door hinge casings and fittings
LED lighting


What else can signify the feminine touch better the pink color! ‘Pink Dream’ is a beautiful jewelry safe with dusky pink exterior and all the classy interior of maple wood and delicate pink velvet lining for all the drawers.

Five drawers for small jewellery
Four drawers for large jewellery
One removable shelf
Varnished maple wood
Integrated recessed-grip drawers


As the look says it all! This delicately crafted safe for jewelry has a mother-of-pearl glossy varnish and its interior is crafted with maple wood with macassar wood fronting

Two drawers
Two glass shelves
One large external base drawer
Gold-plated handles and fittings
Energy-saving LED lighting


Jewelry & the classy crimson color go well together as is evident from the exclusive safe having classy crimson colored exterior, light maple wooden interior and complementing red velvet-lined drawers.

Two drawers for small jewellery
Two drawers for large jewellery
One maple shelf
Aluminum diamond-shaped HARTMANN Exclusive fittings